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It started when I was ten years old with my lawnmower repair business in my parents’ backyard. The Little League fields were right by my house and I decided to try and get some business. After reading my “Lawn Mower Repair” sign, skeptical adults would drop off their lawnmower to a ten year old before one game and picked up their repaired lawnmower before the next … AMAZED that a ten year old just fixed their lawnmower.

Here I am in 1979 (#376) racing against seven-time AMA National Champion Bob Hannah (#1) in Anderson, SC. This was one of the biggest thrills of my racing career; I’m the one in front–for a while.
Then came my love of dirt bike racing. To be more competitive, I was always thinking of new ways to become faster. In order to keep bikes operating at peak performance, machining of specialized light and superior designed replacement parts became part of the picture. At that time, I knew my love of machining, out-witting the competition and problem-solving innovations would be the career I was passionate about.

To specialize further, precision grinding was another specialty skill that I could not curb my enthusiasm for. Fast-forward thirty-five years and there’s a broad range of knowledge, engineering, and problem-solving experience that has evolved into a full-service tool & die shop. We stand on our reputation that spans years of dependable service to our customers.

Even now, with the threat of foreign competition, we have found that there is yet a profound domestic need for high quality precision know-how, talent and experience. At Schultz Precision Tooling, we currently service customers in the Aerospace, Military, Consumer Electronics, Medical, Automotive, and Appliance industries. Our understanding of the precision tool manufacturing field is outstanding with customers who have been with us for decades.

While this website also shows a brief overview of some of our work, we must respect and observe the proprietary principles of our valued customers. All the same, we will provide you with the best American-made services along with aggressive pricing that helps you achieve your operating and business goals. Please give us a call, fax, or email your prints to us and we will be pleased to quote your next tooling need.

Thank you,

Keith A. Schultz
Owner – Schultz Precision Tooling

Here I am in 1979 (#376) racing against seven-time AMA National Champion Bob Hannah (#1) in Anderson, SC. This was one of the biggest thrills of my racing career; I’m the one in front–for a while.

August 16, 2018

By Michael Marino

LEXINGTON, Ohio — It was a special weekend for Keith Schultz and his son Fred at 2018 AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days, featuring Royal Enfield. The father-son duo took part in the event’s motocross racing. Both father and son earned AMA No. 1 plates after finishing 2-1 in their respective competition classes. Keith Schultz won the Evolution Open Class aboard a 1976 Husqvarna GP250. Fred Schultz scored the victory in the Classic Non-Current Class while riding a 1989 Yamaha YZ250.

According to Keith Schultz, it was the first time he and his son won races at the same event. Both men attended AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days for the first time in 2016. While the two were at the event as spectators and swap meet shoppers, the racing bug bit them hard. The elder Schultz, 60, raced in amateur motocross competition from 1974 to 1978 before racing professionally in 1979 and 1980. The younger Schultz, 26, started riding when he was 8 years old and regularly competes in cross country woods races.

Prior to attending AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days, Keith Schultz had begun to rebuild some of his old competition motorcycles. After his experience at AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days, he purchased a 1976 Bultaco Pursang 250 to prep for competition in the event’s motocross competition. He returned to AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days in 2017 with his Bultaco ready to race. Fred Schultz competed on his father’s 1989 Yamaha YZ250 at the event. Neither man won a championship in 2017 but had enough fun to return to the event’s motocross competition in 2018.

Both men have found there is a lot to enjoy at AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days when they are not on the motocross track. “We love the whole atmosphere of the AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days weekend,” Keith Schultz said. “I love watching the road racers and the sidecars. Fred and his buddies liked the pit bike racing.” The duo also have a growing group of friends they bring to the event. “In 2016 it was just Fred and I,” Keith Schultz said. “In 2017, there were four of us in our group. This year we had seven people and next year I know there will be more.”

Both men will be honored along with the rest of the class champions from 2018 AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days at 2018 AMA Legends & Champions Weekend in Columbus, Ohio, Dec. 7-9.

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